Make Sure You Are Covered When You Have a Property Loss Claim

Make Sure You Are Covered When You Have a Property Loss Claim

Schedule construction risk management consulting services!

We Consult Throughout the United States and Mexico

When you are dealing with a property loss claim you need a trusted company to assess the construction project and scope of work. LEWCO will work with you from the beginning to the end. We provide risk management consulting and reconstruction services in the US, Mexico and South America.

We assist businesses that have had damage due to wind, hail, fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, and disasters alike. We can even help with FEMA flood related claims as well.

Why use LEWCO? That's simple - there's no risk to you! We work with your insurance company to provide the exact reconstruction and risk management services needed for your unique situation; the good news is, the only fee you're responsible for is your insurance deductible. There are no hidden fees and no risk to you - schedule a consultation with us today.

Keep things moving with your insurance claims

Working with insurance companies can be difficult, and navigating reconstruction insurance claims can be a headache. That is why LEWCO will be your liaison to the insurance company. As your liaison, we will provide high-quality risk management consulting services.

We offer reconstruction consulting in the US, Mexico, and South America. We will make sure that your property loss claim will have the least impact on you that your insurance coverage allows.